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Al Sham Marble

Al-Sham Marble and Granite Company was established in 2001 in Syria, then moved to Egypt in 2014 to establish its main office there. It has several branches around the world “Turkey, Syria, Egypt”

The company works in the field of importing and exporting natural marble, granite and industrial stones of all shapes and different colors.

The company is distinguished by providing the best customer service with the finest materials and the lowest prices.

Al-Sham Marble and Granite Company gives you the choice from our rich nature with more than 30 kinds of marble, granite, natural stone and composite materials of special quality levels such as (Galala, Trieste, Silvia, Sunny, Samaha, Mel Jerry, Felto, ‘Verna, Berlato, Khatima, Catherine, …) And all kinds of Egyptian and international marble and granite.

To achieve our goal of becoming the leader in the marble industry in the world, Al-Sham Marble and Granite Company follows ethical honesty methods that ensure strong and fair relationships with customers, suppliers and employees.

We have the ability to fulfill all the desires of our customers in different shapes of marble and granite such as (blocks, slabs, tiles, stairs and pieces of different sizes) according to international specifications with various finishes such as (polished, u-mount, polished, semi-glossy, burnt, hammered, embossed, and shredded) And all other types of finishes.